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Nehmen Sie kostenlos an Umfragen teil und verdienen nebenbei online Geld This Twitch Affiliate Agreement (Agreement) contains the terms and conditions that govern your participation in the Twitch Affiliate Program (Program), which is operated by Twitch Interactive, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, we, us, our or Twitch) As explained in the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, there are certain costs, taxes, and fees that must be accounted for before you receive subscription revenue. Before the 50/50 split between you and Twitch takes place, deductions are made from the full price of subscription, including taxes, payment processing fees, bank fees, currency conversion fees, etc. After the split takes place, we still account for required tax withholding, which is reflected in the payout you ultimately see on your. Getting into the nitty and gritty of the Twitch Affiliate Agreement Exclusivity Clause is more than it first appears. The biggest issue I have with this agreement is this little part of... Bits can be deducted from you at any point. Bits are digital content intended to be purchased and consumed on.

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You agree that by clicking Sign Up or otherwise registering, downloading, accessing, or using the Twitch Services, you are entering into a legally binding agreement between you and Twitch regarding your use of the Twitch Services. You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these Terms of Service, do not access or otherwise use any of the Twitch Services Agree to the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. If you need help interpreting the contract, please contact your local attorney. Twitch Support is not equipped to interpret this contract for you. If you are under 18, this section will ask for your parent or legal guardian to agree to the Twitch Agreement for you Earn on Twitch with Subscriptions. Affiliates can earn on Twitch by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. Affiliates will have access to all subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Prime free subscription. Affiliates also get one global subscriber emote for all subscribers, with the options of adding two additional for $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers

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  1. After that, you will have to digitally sign the Twitch affiliate agreement. This is a contract where all the rules and terms of the program are laid out and you have to agree to them to get your application to the next level. Number 3: Provide your tax information. The next step is to provide your tax information. Don't be scared if you now see an Amazon form asking for your tax information.
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  3. Muxy.io recently looked at the data on how the Affiliate program changed cheering across Twitch and the results are impressive. While this program introduced new ways for broadcasters to engage their communities and monetize on Twitch, it also introduced some questions surrounding the Affiliate agreement
  4. Twitch Affiliate Program is a legitimate program and will pay you to stream live videos online. You can earn Bits for each video that you stream. However, before you're paid by the company, your channel must earn $100. Afterward, the company will pay you based on a Net 60 payment schedule. That means that you'll not be paid for 60 days after requesting your payout from the company. This is.
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According to Twitch's Affiliate Agreement, under section 4.1, you can lose your affiliate status for being inactive. This does not mean that you will lose your user account, you will only lose your affiliate account that Twitch has created in their financial system to allow for you to become monetized. You can also lose your Twitch Affiliate status by breaking Community Guidelines and Terms. You will provide basic information to register into the program, sign your Twitch Affiliate Agreement, give Amazon your tax information by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews (TIMS), and tell Amazon where to send your payments by completing the Tipalti form. Payment methods include: Direct Deposit to your bank account ; Wire; PayPal; Check; Hold Payments (Held while waiting.

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  1. This Twitch Affiliate Agreement (Agreement) contains the conditions that govern your participation in the Twitch affiliate program (program) managed by Twitch Interactive, Inc. and its affiliates (together we, we, our or Twitch). Any individual or corporation that participates in the program or attempts to participate in the program (that person or entity.
  2. Twitch affiliates are not allowed to live stream to other platforms simultaneously. As part of joining the affiliate program Twitch streamers sign an exclusivity agreement stating that content streamed on Twitch can not be shown on other platforms for a 24 hour period
  3. Sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, agreeing to the terms of the program. Provide Amazon your tax information by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews (TIMS). Tell us where to send your payments by completing the Tipalti form. Twitch Affiliate Payout. There's a 45-day long waiting period after the month-end, post which you receive 100 dollars or more depending on how much.

Twitch expects the program to expand the number of streamers on its platform by transmitting a method to earn money and, finally, even to make a living. You must provide the address of your site, indicate how you intend to promote the services or products, and you must inform the company if you intend to use certain email campaigns to advertise your affiliate links. To begin, you must complete. Hey, About the twitch affiliate agreement... Question. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Hey, About the twitch affiliate agreement... Question. I've been skeptical about joining the twitch affiliate program.. My parents are afraid the parent company (Amazon) will steal my info and if I ever get big (probably wont) they'll finish me in an instant... Aswell as being concerned about entering the. Affiliate Program Agreement. Supplemental Fees Statement. Ad Choices. Channel Points Acceptable Use Policy. Bits Acceptable Use Policy. Cookie Notice. Photosensitive Seizure Warning. Predictions Terms and Conditions. Modern Day Slavery Statement . Events Code Of Conduct. Accessibility Statement. Transparency Report. Advertising. Blog. Brand. Developers. Security. Help. Jobs. Languages English. When you become a twitch Affiliate you are hereby making Twitch your only LIVE stream service. Yes of course you can live stream on youtube and what not still but not while you are streaming on twitch. For things such as vods/highlights YOU are not allowed to use said items for 24 hours but others can all they like for youtube and what not

TWITCH EVENTS CODE OF CONDUCT. Please Read this Events Code of Conduct. By seeking to attend or attending an event in any capacity (general attendee, sponsor, exhibitor, media, partner, staff, or employee), you agree to abide by this Code at all Twitch official and related unofficial social events, and to cooperate with the event organizers Twitch has a lot of issues that make it less creator-friendly that other platforms do better. With this in mind, some small creators who have already signed an affiliate agreement may be interested in leaving the agreement to diversify to other platforms. How to Terminate your Affiliate Contract. Step Please watch: Destiny 2: How to Buy Destiny 2 FREE! EVERYONE CAN DO THIS! (appnana) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnOAvpklce4-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Twitch affili..

This week, I sent Twitch my notice to terminate my affiliate agreement. Whether being a part of the affiliate program is the right choice for me as a content creator was something I have given a lot of thought to from the day I joined the program. When I joined, I remember thinking 'I wonder how long this will last' Twitch affiliate tax interviews and the tax part of the twitch affiliate agreement. Question. Hey. i am a streamer that has been working for ages. finally reached the requirements of getting onboard the twitch affiliate program. but i am having problems understanding the way this agreement will effect me financially. i dont know if it will redraw money from my account, or if i go over a. Twitch Affiliates earn from Bits, subscriptions, and ads. The amount they earn will vary from streamer to streamer. Most streamers in general will receive bits and subs from 5-15% of their total viewers (anywhere from 50%-125% of their concurrent viewers). A streamer's first Twitch payment is usually between $100-$150. It generally takes longer to receive your first payment than it will take.

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Twitch Affiliate does not bar streamers from streaming on other platforms, per se. You can still stream on YouTube or Mixer if you so choose. However, there's a big gotcha that we'll discuss in the cons section. (UPDATE 03/02/20) Access to transcoding. This was a big miss on my part when I first posted this. Fixing that now! Transcoding allows viewers to set the resolution for the stream. 1. Revenue Generation Using Twitch's Tools. The first and probably the most appealing perk of Twitch affiliate is generating revenue through Twitch's built-in tools that allow viewers and streamers to generate transactions through subscriptions, ads, or bits!. These services are not only built-in in Twitch, but as it is the most popular streaming service, users are most familiar with using. Das beste Beispiel: Twitch Affiliate werden. Um das zu erreichen, benötigst du deine ersten 50 Follower, musst 500 Minuten an mindestens 7 einzelnen Tagen in den letzten 30 Tagen gestreamt haben und durchschnittlich drei Zuschauer haben. Generell ist das keine große Herausforderung, nimmst du deine Aufgabe als Streamer ernst. Zur Strategie-Planung gehört auch dein Content. Dabei musst du. The affiliate agreement will specify what both parties are responsible for, payout terms and commission for conversions. Most affiliate programs will ask you to agree to the affiliate agreement before submitting your application to join the program. See How Affiliate Marketing Works in the Did You Know section of Webopedia If Twitch decides to close your affiliate account, you can be charged up to $25 of your leftover earnings as a maintenance fee. The Perks of Twitch Affiliate. There's a ton of perks to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Twitch Affiliates have access to cheering with bits, subscriptions, and ads. They also have access to transcoding when.

Now, click the Continue button to move onto step two of four: the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. Take your time and read the legal information so you know what you're getting into. Once you're set, select the Agree button. I'm not sure you'll be able to progress forward if you select the Disagree button. Do so at your own risk. Now, you should be in step three of four. Twitch Affiliate Agreement And Onboarding. Below is the process and some crucial steps towards becoming an affiliate that Twitch describes. Once you have been invited and you have clicked Get Started, it will take you to the Settings tab of your Dashboard where you can complete a short process to begin monetizing your channel with Bits. Two-factor authentication is required to complete. Affiliate Program - twitch affiliate agreement deutsch. AFFGRAM . Gallery; Gallery; We will be happy to help you with any request by email: affgramcom@gmail.com. Work With. twitch affiliate agreement deutsch participating affiliate agreement definition microsoft enterprise agreement affiliate definition affiliate in non disclosure agreement affiliate agreement example ebay affiliate agreement. Step 2: Sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, agreeing to the terms of the program. Step 3: Provide Amazon your tax information by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews (TIMS). Step 4: Tell us where to send your payments by completing the Tipalti form. You will receive payment through the following methods: Direct deposit to a bank account, Wire, Paypal, Check and Hold Payments.

Sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement, agreeing to the terms of the program. Mention all the Basic, general information required for the program. Provide your TAX information. Give information about Affiliate payout where you will receive your payments. Payment methods: Direct Deposit to the bank account; Wire; PayPal; Check; Hold Payments ( In case of any change in payment methods ). so, once. Step 2: Fill in the information requested of you and agree to the terms and service you see in the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. Step 3: Provide your tax information, then fill in your payout details. Twitch can make payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, check, wire, or you can make Twitch hold your payments. They are specific terms and conditions you should be aware of; you can find everything.

Sound Alerts history in your Twitch dashboard; Fully customizable; How to use Sound Alerts. 1 Panel. Sound Alerts appears in the panel area below the video player and remains active even when the channel is not live. Users will not be able to see and plays sound buttons, except for the broadcaster. 2 Video. Zitat von Twitch Affiliate Agreement. 2.2. Live Content Exclusivity. Solely for any live audio-visual work you choose to provide to us as User Content (your Live Twitch Content), starting from beginning of the Initial Broadcast of any such Live Twitch Content, and continuing for a period of twenty-four (24) hours following the end of the Initial Broadcast of such Live Twitch Content (the. Twitch Affiliate Requirements To Get Twitch Affiliate InviteTake the next streaming step with Twitch Affiliate. New to streaming on Twitch and you want to be..

Become an affiliate. Once you receive the notification, simply follow the steps indicated by the platform. 1. Provide general information to be registered into the program. 2. Sign and accept the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. 3. Provide your tax information to Amazon. 4. Tell Twitch where to send your payments (direct deposit, wire, PayPal or. Learn more about the Twitch Affiliate program. Partners; Help; Terms; Programme d'affiliation Twitch Programme d'affiliation Twitch. Diffuser en direct, c'est du plaisir, mais c'est aussi beaucoup de travail. Nous constatons le dévouement et le talent de nos diffuseurs, et nous faisons un pas de plus pour faire en sorte que Twitch reste la meilleure plateforme de diffusion au monde pour tous. If you stream on twitch as part of your own business, you can use the T2125 Statement of Business or Professional Activities form. To fill this in using TurboTax Online, click on the Find icon in the blue menu and search for self. Select Self-Employment Summary and then click the Go button. You can also claim expenses you incurred to earn this money, providing you. Das neue Affiliate-Programm soll die große Lücke dazwischen auffüllen. Zwischen den Zeilen gelesen möchte Twitch sich mit dem neuen Affiliate-Programm bei den Streamern dafür bedanken, die im Grunde nichts (materielles) davon haben und trotzdem tagtäglich Twitch zu dem machen, was es ist: Eine Plattform mit einem unglaublich vielfältigen und hohen Unterhaltungswert. Nicht-Partner. Have 1,000+ followers on at least one major social media platform, such as Facebook/Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and VK; Complete the Affiliate Agreement and abide by our Creator Code of Conduct; Be capable of receiving payment in a form that Epic supports. Hyperwallet; Be 18 years of age or older. Applicants between age 13-17 must apply with the Under 18 Application.

Twitch affiliate agreement deutsch. Twitch Affiliate Program. If you're a streamer who makes his/her living by doing what you love, i.e., streaming, we have news for you. Available globally, the Twitch Affiliate Program has sparked a revolution by supporting streamers worldwide to do what they do best How is the subscription revenue I receive determined? As explained in the Twitch Affiliate. You must be either a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner to upload videos to twitch using Video Producer. Moreover, Twitch sets up certain requirements for being an affiliate or a partner. There is a threshold for being a Twitch Affiliate: You cannot be both a Partner and an Affiliate. You must have at least 50 followers. You must have at least 500 minutes broadcast in the last 30 days. You.

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Sep 18, 2019 - Twitch Affiliate Agreement Click here if you are a resident of South Korea, your participation is subject to this version of the Affiliate Agreemen.. Affiliate acknowledges that Emotes Creator has no adequate remedy under this Agreement or at law in the event that Affiliate were to use the Emotes Creator Marks in a manner not authorized by this Agreement, and that Emotes Creator would, in such circumstances, be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief, including interlocutory and preliminary injunctive relief. Affiliate also.

Sign the Twitch Affiliate Agreement. Provide your tax information to Amazon by completing both the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews. Choose a payment location by completing the Tipalti form. How to become a Partner. After you've reached Affiliate status (previous section), you can start working toward becoming a Twitch Partner, which has even more benefits and adds additional features for. Twitch is a dynamic, vibrant, evolving melting pot, and we need a design system to match. Inspired by the energetic community that makes us who we are, we now have a whole bunch of colors designed to take self-expression to the next level. Expanded Expanded Expanded Palette Expanded. Purple got us to where we are, but now it needs some reinforcements, so we've invited a few dozen new colors. So you want to make money doing what you love, maybe you just want to become a Twitch affiliate. Or maybe you're already a twitch affiliate and you want to u..

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What's Next for Twitch Advertising? Twitch has started testing ads that run automatically during streams for some users. These ads will run across affiliate and partnered channels and creators will get paid for the ads but they won't be able to control when the ads run. Picture-in-picture viewing may keep the ads from being too disruptive to. I've shared how you can make money through the Twitch Affiliate Program. But, how exactly do you get an affiliate account? And, how do you set up a Twitch af..

Twitch affiliate agreement Networker arbeiten von Zuhause - während andere sich abmühe . Wenn Du Networker bist & Dir ein automatisertes Einkommen aufbauen willst. Hole Dir die Informationen,wie auch Du Dir Dein Network von Zuhause aufbauen kannst Twitch Affiliate Agreement. Click here if you are a resident of South Korea, your participation is subject to this version of the Affiliate. Beyond Twitch Affiliate - Partnership requirements. The next level, Twitch Partner is quite difficult to achieve. Even if you were to get all of the associated guidelines, each partner is manually screened. The staff at Twitch ultimately have the final say on who becomes a partner that represents their brand, after all Aug 16, 2019 - Twitch Affiliate Agreement Click here if you are a resident of South Korea, your participation is subject to this version of the Affiliate Agreemen.. Grundsätzlich gilt für dich dann das Affiliate-Agreement von Twitch. Eine der Änderungen, die die Meisten nicht wissen: Du darfst als Affiliate nicht mehr auf Twitch & YouTube gleichzeitig streamen. Dein Content muss, wenn du Affiliate bist, für 24h auf Twitch bleiben. Als Affiliate gekommst du die Möglichkeit einen Sub-Button zu aktivieren und dir können Bits gespendet werden. Zudem. Reaching Twitch Affiliate can take as little as a week with proper planning and a bit of luck. It takes the average streamer 2-4 months to reach Affiliate. Twitch Affiliate Requirements. Here are the requirements you will need to meet in order to become a Twitch affiliate: Gain 50 followers. Maintain an average of 3 simultaneous viewers within the last 30 days. Stream 500 minutes or more.

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Twitch affiliate terms. Twitch Affiliate Program.Streaming is fun and games, but it's also hard work. We recognize our streamers' dedication and talent, and we're taking another step forward to ensure Twitch continues to be the best streaming platform in the world for everyone The Twitch Affiliate program allows qualified streamers to monetize their channel as they build their audience and. Once an agreement has been reached, the Twitch streamer will start promoting the brand to their audience and subscribers per the contract they agreed to. As you can imagine with a live streaming platform, there are tons of different types of promotions you can use on Twitch. The most common promotions you'll see between brands and Twitch influencers are shout-outs, giveaways, and product. Posted April 21, 2017. So the news will be reaching most regular twitch users over the next few days that Twitch are releasing an affiliate program. When fully implemented Twitch affiliation will work like a 'pre-partnership' step. Affiliates will be able to have bits on their channels and will be able to have a sub button allowing them one emote I am using MyViewBot viewer bot for more than six month and I get my Twitch affiliate status and now I am earning money everyday. Anonymous2. Twitch Streamer. MyViewBot is stable and legit, I have used two other viewer bots before that scammed me, they have charged for me a month and the view bot never work. Anonymous3. Twitch Streamer. MyViewBot provides customization plan, exactly what I. Emotes Maker Tool. Welcome to our easy to use Twitch Emotes Maker.. With our simple but powerful Emotes Creator, you can create the custom emotes you need right now, and you can be using them in minutes.. No more waiting for someone to create them for you, your stream can be full of unique emotes that fit your brand, and you can do it all from here

Buy and Sell Twitch Channels With Followers and Established Views. Selling Verified Account Partner Account with Permanent Custom Agreement. Price $: 750 volticamars, 2/7/21 Replies: 6 Views: 824 Last Reply: $750. 0. buy now MindBlow 3/31/21. Sticky Thread Selling Verified Account Warzone account 18k followers big earnings. Price $: 150 Davek44, 2/19/21 Replies: 5 Views: 487 Last Reply. Twitch Affiliate participation for qualified artists. Distribute your music to Soundtrack by Twitch, a curated music tool for Twitch streamers. We'll get your music into Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Pandora, Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer, plus a ton of other stores & streaming services The Twitch Affiliate program is dedicated to community building, so gamers that are new to the platform can become its integral part in a shorter period of time. Every streamer that broadcasts 8 hours of content or more in one month and has at least 7 unique broadcasts can become eligible for gaining the Twitch Affiliate status. In addition, your streams must have an average of 3 or more. It will complete the first step, and take you to Step 2 of 4: Twitch Affiliate Agreement on a new page. 4. Click the purple Agree button. This will indicate you agree to the Twitch Affiliate Program Terms, complete the second step, and open Step 3 of 4: Tax Interviews on the next page.. Tag: twitch affiliate agreement. 01/07/2020 04/01/2021 Apps & Resources Work From Home by Igor. 16 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs (Boost Your Earnings) Affiliate campaigns may have seemed like just another digital marketing trend, but businesses and content creators quickly realized that affiliate programs are here to stay. As a matter of fact, the affiliate universe keeps growing year.

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In this video we cover is Twitch affiliate worth it to you as a streamer. What is the path to affiliate on Twitch? What are the drawbacks? Find out here.#twi.. DistroKid has announced a new partnershp with Twitch to offer artists a path to join the Twitch Affiliate Program, which enables streamers to earn money via the platform.In order to qualify. For example, if you simultaneously stream to YouTube once you're affiliate, you are breaking the terms of your agreement and Twitch can remove the affiliate status from your account Twitch Affiliate Program. If you're a streamer who makes his/her living by doing what you love, i.e., streaming, we have news for you. Available globally, the Twitch Affiliate Program has sparked a revolution by. - If you are a Twitch affiliate, you may have an embargo in place on sharing Twitch content. We will automatically detect this and prevent you from sharing clips for 24 hours after the end of your broadcast in order to help you comply with your agreement. - You must verify your Twitch account before Athena can source your broadcasts

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Launched in 2011, Twitch is a global community that comes together each day to create multiplayer entertainment: unique, live, unpredictable experiences created by the interactions of millions. We bring the joy of co-op to everything, from casual gaming to world-class esports to anime marathons, music, and art streams. Twitch also hosts TwitchCon, where we bring everyone together to celebrate. はっきり「同じコンテンツを同時にTwitch上で配信することは認められていません」と書かれています。. つまり、 同時配信はTwitchアフィリエイト利用規約の違反にあたる ということになります。. Twitchパートナーも同様の規約みたいですが、サイト上で確認. Becoming a Twitch Affiliate. The requirements to become a Twitch affiliate are: At least 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days. At least 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days. An average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days. Let's break it down to how I achieved each of these criteria I am using Views4Twitch viewer bot for more than 6 month and I get my Twitch affiliate status and start earning money. Anonymous. Twitch Streamer. Views4Twitch is stable and legit, I have used two other viewer bots before that scammed me, they just charged for me a month and the bot never work. Anonymous. Twitch Streamer. Views4Twitch provides customization plan, exactly what I need to get my. A Simple Guide to Becoming a Twitch Affiliate. To make things even better a little over a year ago Twitch has launched the Affiliate Program that makes it much easier for gamers to monetize their live stream videos. So let's have a look at how you. by Liza Brown Mar 23, 2021 21:20 PM. Read More >

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Additionally, Twitch doesn't have clear guidelines for what it takes to become a partner. As such, new streamers will want to focus on becoming an affiliate first. How The Twitch Affiliate Program Works. The easiest way to make money directly through Twitch is by becoming part of the affiliate program. Affiliates can receive subscriptions and.

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Phrases contain exact twitch affiliate from credible sources. EXACT : Related keywords of twitch affiliate from credible sources. twitch affiliate. twitch affiliate requirement . twitch affiliate program. twitch affiliate payout. twitch affiliate vs partner. twitch affiliate apply. twitch affiliate benefits. twitch affiliate qualifications. twitch affiliate cut. twitch affiliate age. After having generated over 50 followers, you can officially become a Twitch affiliate. This affiliate status will help you secure a share of pre-roll advertisements that Twitch runs against streams. While you can't generate enough money by just being an affiliate, it unlocks greater monetization options Twitchで配信したコンテンツは24時間Twitchオンリー の状態にしてください、という規約なので、上記のような縛りとなります。. 逆に言えば. ・Twitchアフィリエイト状態でも、Youtubeだけで配信するのはOK. ・TwitchのアーカイブをYoutubeにあげるのは、放送終了から. Become a Twitch Partner or Twitch Affiliate These are 2 different programs; one is a little easier to obtain (Twitch Affiliate) while the other is harder but offers more benefits (Twitch Partner). Gaining Affiliate status gets you on the path to Partner, only requiring 50 followers, 3 concurrent viewers, and over 500 minutes of broadcast over the course of 7 unique live stream days

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Affiliates can earn on Twitch by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. Affiliates will have access to all subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Prime free subscription. Affiliates also get one global subscriber emote for all subscribers, with the options of adding two additional for $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers Schlagwort: twitch affiliate programm kündigen. 16. Mai 2019 0 Wie auch du zum Twitch Affiliate wirst! Von TwiYouHelden Twitch Affiliate zu werden, ist der erste Schritt zum Vollzeit Streamer. Es ist der vorhergehende Schritt bevor du zum Twitch Impressum; Datenschutzerklärung; Elterninformationen; Gelistet bei: Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Envo Magazine. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Twitch Stream. 700+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Free for commercial use High Quality Image Twitch-Streamer können alle ihre eigenen vorherigen Sendungen direkt von der Twitch-Website herunterladen. Je nachdem, welche Art von Konto Sie haben (d. h. regulärer Benutzer, Twitch Affiliate oder Twitch Partner), wird Ihr Fenster zum Herunterladen früherer Sendungen zwischen 14 und 60 Tage nach dem ersten Stream variieren, nach dem das Video sich automatisch löschen wird. Aufgrund der.

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