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Introduction Wormhole space is a new addition that came with the Eve Apocrypha expansion. Wormhole Guide Read the following guide by ArcDragon. Islands among the Stars: A Guide to Everything Wormhole Acronyms/Nomenclature WH - Wormhole C1 to C6 - Class of Wormhole system. C1's are very easy. C6's require you to gang up to tak Extra Information. K162 is the identification for a Generic Exit: the endpoint for a wormhole that originated from somewhere else.It has all the characteristics of the wormhole that started on the other end. For a better explanation of this dynamic see Project Atlas: Exit Wormholes and Proto-Wormholes.. The Neocom information dialog will provide you with some additional information, such as.

K162 is the generic exit name of a Wormhole; jump to the other side to get the 'real' type of the Wormhole Wormhole database lists the display name, wormhole type and max stable times. Eve-online Main News Dev Blog Patch Notes FanSite News Live Broadcast HD Stream Videos PVP Fleet Battles DaOpa YT Vids Databases LP Stores DB Moon Ore DB PI DB T3 Ships DB Wormholes WH Systems Directory Index EVE Store Forums General Guides & Info EVE DB Open Topics Static Corp Board of Directors Recruits Forum RSS.

K162 wormholes and signatures are spawned in an invisible state when someone initiated warp to the other side of the connection. K162 signatures become immediately visible when someone jumps through the wormhole connection for the first time. IF the K162 signature is in an invisible state and the wormhole connection has less than 15 hours of lifetime remaining, it will have a chance of. Inside the wormhole from inside the Drifter system has a normal K162 signature when opened and needs to be scanned down as usual, but is deadspaced, so can only be warped to at 80km. Drifter battleships guard these wormholes and attack anybody trying to pass them. The nature of these wormholes and the Drifter systems is still shifting and a mystery. All five Drifter wormhole system effects are.

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Wormholes, introduced in Apocrypha expansion, are rifts in space that connect two star systems.Like stargates, they allow the travel of ships from one star system to another, but unlike stargates, wormholes are not permanent. They connect two systems for only a short time and collapse when either their lifespan ends or too many ships have passed through them The alternative guide to the EVE-Online forums. Mirrors and enables advanced search options to browse the EVE-Online forums. Check My IP Information All Channels Missions & Complexes Wormhole - K162 - » Click here to find additional results for this topic using Google Monitor this thread via RSS Pages: [1] :: one page: Author: Thread Statistics | Show CCP posts - 0 post(s) Shebeth Caldari.

r/Eve: The official subreddit for Eve Online. One thing that the dev blog doesn't talk about is when the countdown for a WHs lifetime starts - some players seem to have found that the timer doesn't start until warp is initiated to the hole so WH sigs can end up hanging around for days. This also suggests that the k162 doesn't have a random chance of spawning until the life timer for the hole. Wormhole P060 : Type: Leads into w-space system | Class 1 : Max Stable Time: 16 h The maximum amount of time a wormhole will stay open: Max Stable Mass: 500,000,000 kg The maximum amount of mass a wormhole can transit before collapsing: Max Mass Regeneration: 0 The amount of mass a wormhole regenerates per cycle: Max Jump Mass: 62,000,000 k Mirrors and enables advanced search options to browse the EVE-Online forums. Check My IP Information All Channels Missions & Complexes Wormhole: K162 » Click here to find additional results for this topic using Google Monitor this thread via RSS Pages: [1] :: one page: Author: Thread Statistics | Show CCP posts - 0 post(s) Dsan: Posted - 2009.03.02 17:03:00 - Thanks To Laura Moonbeam, a group. Wormhole U574 : Type: Leads into deadly w-space system | Class 6 : Max Stable Time: 24 h The maximum amount of time a wormhole will stay open: Max Stable Mass: 3,000,000,000 kg The maximum amount of mass a wormhole can transit before collapsing: Max Mass Regeneration: 0 The amount of mass a wormhole regenerates per cycle: Max Jump Mass. Wormhole K162. Not Published. Locations Inventory: Celestial > Wormhole. Image: Description: An unstable wormhole, deep in space. Wormholes of this kind usually collapse after a few days, and can lead to anywhere. Item Data Radius: 3,000 m Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26).

EVE General Discussion Wormhole K162 K162 is the code for exit-point wormholes, as stated above. If you want to find out how much mass it allows through, you'll have to jump in and check the wormhole name on the other side. Being K162 means nothing, it could be connected to a tiny or huge WH on the other side. New Eden Research, where your research gets done! Deadly Razorback: Posted. EVE Online, the EVE logo, EVE and all associated logos and designs are the intellectual property of CCP hf. All artwork, screenshots, characters, vehicles, storylines, world facts or other recognizable features of the intellectual property relating to these trademarks are likewise the intellectual property of CCP hf EVE中文维基 累计获得加油 ¥ 209 K162; 来自 : 未知: 通向: 未知 时间 文本 大于24小时: 该虫洞尚未进入自然周期的衰退阶段,它还能敞开至少一天。 This wormhole has not yet begun its natural cycle of decay and should last at least another day. 大于4小时,小于24小时 : 该虫洞已开始衰退,可能撑不了一天了。 This. This is the most important one to recognise, particularly when approaching the K162 side. Medium. A wormhole with a teal aurora won't allow battleships through (exception is the Nestor), and is the indication of a wormhole connecting to or from class 1 w-space. Large. A turquoise aurora highlights a wormhole that allows every ship below capital hulls. X-Large. A yellow aurora indicates that.

WH Database. Find all systems: Select class: class c1 class c2 class c3 class c4 class c5 class c6 shattered c1 shattered c2 shattered c3 shattered c4 shattered c5 shattered c6 frig-WH drifters-WH: With effect: No effect Black Hole Cataclysmic Variable Magnetar Pulsar Red Giant Wolf-Rayet: With static Wormhole Systems Database Wormhole System J124203. Location: J124203 : Class: 3 : Static WHs: U210: Anomaly: Exploration Sites / Complexes Intel Cosmic Anomalies Fortification Frontier Stronghold Outpost Frontier Stronghold Solar Cell The Oruze Construct Relic Sites - Magnetometric Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot Data Sites - Radar Unsecured Frontier. Wormhole-K162: 513 ships destroyed and 423 ships lost

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Wormholes have two ends, a source and a destination. The source end labeled according to the chart below. Names in groups 1-6 target Unknown space with 1 being the easiest. Names in groups 7, 8, and 9 open into Known space (high-sec, low-sec, 0.0 respectively). The destination end is always labeled K162. They only come into existence when somebody enters a source wormhole. 1 - H121 P060 Q317. The K162 exit of a wormhole spawns when someone jumps the static on the other side or as per timer rules. The timer starts when someone initiates warp to the static. When 16 hours or less remain on the timer, the spawn chance is increasingly higher, regardless if anybody is jumping the static or not. In other words, when a new signature appears and if it's a wormhole, then there's a high. Wormhole Class Identification. For most people, this is the more difficult everyday task. You can generally tell roughly what it is from the description, but by memorising the following images you'll be able to tell the destination class instantly. This is obviously more ideal if trying to work it out from the K162 side of a hole, but it can. All-Out Guide to Rolling Wormholes. by Mussah Yacoub. Introduction. Wormholes collapse if enough mass jumps through them. We can ram our holes with massive ships in a controlled way to close them safely. We do this to secure our hole, get better kspace exits, or get new wormhole chains. Overview. Introduction; Overview; General Information ; All-Out Rolling. Numbers. Home Statics; Ship Masses. Tripwire. The greatest wormhole mapper ever. Tripwire is an open source wormhole mapping tool, hosted for free to the public, built for use with EVE Online. Using the latest in internet security standards it is the most secure tool in New Eden. Register now as Admin Register now as User

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  1. Taken directly from the wiki.eveonline.com K162 Wormhole page. Description Origin System Unknown parts of space C1, C2 or C3 Dangerous unknown parts of space C4 or C5 Deadly unknown parts of space C6 High security space Highsec system Low security space Lowsec system Null security space Nullsec system: For Foo corp members, if you find a K162 that you don't need to go down, at least note the.
  2. g at it from the wrong side only gives you the standard K162 designation that gives no information about the system beyond
  3. Wormholes of this kind usually collapse after a few days, and can lead to anywhere. EVE Ref. Market groups; Inventory; Skins; About; Data; Time: Players: Inventory Groups; Celestial; Wormhole; Wormhole K162. Basic. Volume: 0.00 m 3: Mass: 0.00 kg : Published: False: Cargo. Capacity: 0.00 m 3: Description . An unstable wormhole, deep in space. Wormholes of this kind usually collapse after a few.

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However if the number of the wormhole shows K162 it means that someone on the other side has spawned the wormhole. The wormhole may be a spawn of a old wormhole exit in a random system that has a C4 set static and we simply get lucky to get it to spawn the new on in our our hole Wormhole: J-System: J. Language: W-SPACE WHDB. You can in most cases easily identify the class of WH system on the other side of K162 hole by its color. Each WH class has its own distinct sky color, and you can see this color through the hole center, if you look closely. And halo color also helps in identifying the hole max ship size. C1 Halo colour is cyan, that means the hole is medium. K162 signatures are wormholes that originated in another system. So if a C4 has a C1 static, when that holes spawns it will appear as a K162 in the C1, and a (for example) P060 in the C4. Same for roaming/wandering holes - originating system has a type code, the other system is a K162 (IIRC) Boredom, isolation, random calls to arms when a new K162 pops, fairly regular ISK printing sessions (Sleeper sites), and most of all: scanning. You will spend hours and hours and hours scanning wormholes. Yours, your static, your static's static, the C2 that K162'd into your home; everything of significance in a wormhole must be scanned down with probes. You're going to spend a WHOLE FUCKING.

Guide to Wormhole Space in EvE Online All the critical information about Wormhole Space in EVE Online is covered by this article. The New Frontier! Ultimate Guide to Wormhole Space in EVE Online. Introduction. The vast, cold void of space is a very, Very, VERY dangerous place, and exploring it is the job for only the most dedicated (or crazy) individuals. Not many of those explorers live to. The exit point of a wormhole is always a wormhole of type K162, meaning K162 wormholes can be found just about everywhere (except Jove space, which seems to block them somehow). Exit points for each type of wormhole seem to form within a random system in a given class of w-space (1-6), high sec, low sec, or null sec, depending on the type of wormhole generating the exit. There seems to be a. For Hyperion, EVE's Team Five-O has been hard at working on a set of changes for Wormhole residen. Home; articles; dev-blogs; Into the Known Unknowns: Wormhole Updates in the Hyperion Release 2014-08-06 - By CCP Fozzie - EVE dev-blogs. Greetings adventurous capsuleers! This is CCP Fozzie bringing you another dev blog with a first look at some of the improvements we're working on for our.

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K162 Frigate Holes. Small ship-sized wormholes are symbolized by a green line instead of the classic blue. Only frigates, destroyers and heavy interdictors may jump through. It is essential to be aware of this in case you fly ships which are not allowed to jump through and it is important to mark the connections accordingly in Tripwire. However, you may find yourself on the K162 side of a. Wormhole-K162: 464 ships destroyed and 414 ships lost Edited by: Tau Cabalander on 08/09/2009 21:06:12. Static wormholes refer to outgoing (not K162) wormholes that are always the same class. When a static wormhole collapses, another wormhole of the same class appears somewhere else in the system. When a random non-static wormhole collapses, it may not be replaced (Wormhole-K162) lost their Minmatar Control Tower in J110938 (E-R00025). Final Blow by Ingefsrik Gemulus (Holding holdingu holdingu) flying in a Leshak. Total Value: 449,700,000.00 IS POS Defense in Wormholes C1-6 Posted: 2010-04-24 | Author: miningzen | Filed under: eveonline | Tags: carrier, die, eve, eve online, k162space, orca, pos defence, pvp, wormhole | 16 Comments Not so recently, CCRES came into our wormhole, noticed an orca floating in the shields, killed all our defences and reinforced our tower in case we had forgotten to put strontium in a tower in a dread.

(Wormhole-K162) lost their Domination Control Tower in J110938 (E-R00025). Final Blow by Ingefsrik Gemulus (Holding holdingu holdingu) flying in a Leshak. Total Value: 1,604,874,683.24 IS Wanna try EVE ONLINE? https://secure.eveonline.com/trial/?invc=c2d8ff3d-c8fd-4c9d-b618-0e19f1ed172b&action=buddyTHE biggest Wormhole fight ever in Capitals a..

I am getting a conflicting opinion from another proper wormholer, affiliated with big wormhole names, saying that if I or my team never scan down the newly spawned static, it will NEVER spawn the K162 side for people outside the wormhole to scan down. The effect being that people inside the wormhole will have ZERO visitors while we have not scanned down our newly rolled statics Class 4 W-Space Cosmic Signatures. Last edited by Markj2: Replaces old-style internal links with new pipe-split links. Mon, 16 Oct 2017 08:49 EDT. This is the full list of class 4 w-space cosmic signatures. You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 4 system Tell the drama corp mates to relax and not yell at someone for playing Eve. Sobach Fourth Circle Total Comfort: Posted - 2009.12.10 23:24:00 - Originally by: Teshelai Pryde. Me and my corp have no idea how wormhole works. the answer is 3. wormholes spawns in both k and w-space, the K162 tag signifies that this is the destination side of the wormhole, as the originating side will have the other. K162 Guides; Wormhole Guide; K162 Guides. Trading Classes. Trading 101: An Introduction to the Basics Trading 102: Location, Location, Location Trading 103: QuickBar and UI Layout . Trading 201: Nullsec Station Trading Logistics Trading 202: Challenges of Asset Tracking Trading 203: Mission Hub Stocking Trading 204: Cross-Selling Trading 205: Regional Arbitration. Procurer BPO Initial. We do know that once a ship goes through the newly found wormhole that a K162 appears in the destination Wspace. So here is the rub, unless you have someone in the destination Wspace at exactly the point where the K162 will open up and that guy coordinates with the guy that found the original end of the same wormhole to say, Yeah, I see it right now and you have not even gone through it yet

Wormhole K162 (Wormhole) Нестабильная червоточина в глубоком космосе. Входные воронки червоточин этого типа обычно схлопываются через несколько EVE Online is a free MMORPG sci-fi strategy game where you can embark on your own unique space adventure. EVE's open world MMORPG sandbox, renowned among online space games, lets you choose your own path and engage in combat, exploration, industry and much more. Play the world's #1 space MMO today Determining the wormhole type from looking at a K162 can feel a little backwards using the table, but it should be clear with a little thought. For example, if you are in a class 4 system and drop out of warp to see a K162 that, from its colour, you recognise comes from a class 3 system, you can determine from looking at which wormhole connects from a C3 to a C4 that the wormhole is of type. I think you are wrong about K162. From what I've observed, K162 is the wormhole that is the exit of the one being used. Whatever wormhole you go through, it will be K162 on the other end. If you found a K162, it means someone already scanned the other side and went though, spawning that K162 wormhole Several of the wormholes you're considering moving into don't exist. There are No C2-C2/HS wormholes, for example. You can find a list of fight that went down in the system of M2-XFE in Delve over the Keepstar called Big's Disco Palace over New Year's Eve 2020 but none will reflect the feelings of a little know corp called Discoverings, who joined Goons after the fall of Fade. Yes.

EVE News24: The Galaxy's Most Resilient EVE Online News Site. For those of you less savvy to the wormhole world, Rage Rolling is a popular wormhole PvP operation designed to use the mechanics of limited mass to chain collapse wormholes and find targets. A fleet is formed up in the home alliance's wormhole, chilling at POSes, or running PvE at. Eve Online : Wormholes , Asteroids , Profit! A blog about the day to day Eve Online life of Forgotten Heathen, an industrialist, explorer, and mostly wormhole denizen. Friday, December 5, 2014. Null Sec Detour. I'm on my way to Jita right now in the Orca laden with PI. Chock full, in fact. I could only fit like 1/3 of all we have stocked. I discovered a K162 from High Sec eight jumps from Jita. EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. The new forums are live. Please adjust your bookmarks to https://forums.eveonline.com. These forums are archived and read-only All Channels Missions & Complexes Wormhole exit question : This thread is older than 90 days and has been.

So I flew Aurora there in the Buzzard, taking care to bookmark the K162 wormhole first. Arzanni. Aurora left behind various supplies, and a Drake. I'm not rich enough to leave the Drake, so I wanted to go back to get it. After getting to Khanid Prime, I looked to buy a cheap ship to fly back to the wormhole. I settled on a Caldari Shuttle for 25K ISK. Since I was really just making a one way. for Wormhole Systems NPC Kills Last 48h. Data not available CCP disabled NPC Kills API for Wormhole Systems Ship Kills Last 48h. Data not available CCP disabled Ship Kills API for Wormhole Systems Pod Kills Last 48h. Data not available CCP disabled Pod Kills API for Wormhole Systems Wormhole System Effect: none. API J: 02 Apr 09:49: K: 02 Apr 09:49: C: 02 Apr 10:09: A: 02 Apr 10:08: O: 04 Jun.

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wormhole exit to a particular security level known-space system (one in EVE's star map). - They will be distributed into all the existing wormhole classes, and some will have one of the current wormhole system effects. 434 - There are also some extra unique lore-connected surprises to be found in a small percentage of these new systems. The twenty five Small Ship Shattered Wormhole. 虫洞 K162 (Wormhole) 一个深空中的虫洞。这种虫洞通常会持续几天然后坍塌,它们的目的地可能是任何地方。 itemdrop.net does not. Extra Information. K162 is the identification for a Generic Exit: the endpoint for a wormhole that originated from somewhere else.It has all the characteristics of the wormhole that started on the other end. For a better explanation of this dynamic see Project Atlas: Exit Wormholes and Proto-Wormholes.. The Neocom information dialog will provide you with some additional information, such as.

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Wormhole K162 (Wormhole) An unstable wormhole, deep in space. Wormholes of this kind usually collapse after a few days, and can lead to anywhere It was a beautifully designed hull that seemed to my virgin eyes as the end game of Eve. Once you pilot that ship, nothing could destroy you. How things have changed I have lived in highsec, wormhole space, and now I'm making a home in nullsec. I'd like to reiterate the line that 'Eve is what you make of it'. Right now I am finding. So, thanks to your exploration frigate, you found a wormhole. First of all, take note of its type. If when pointing at the wormhole, you see K162, it means that the wormhole has already been opened by another player. To get detailed information about where it leads, you have to pass inside

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K162 is the identification for a Generic Exit: the endpoint for a wormhole that originated from somewhere else. It has all the characteristics of the wormhole that started on the other end. The Neocom information dialog will provide you with some additional information, such as the origin of this wormhole K162 generic exit : highsec wandering Z971 high ** these wormholes do not bridge from or to high sec, class 1, 2, 3, or 4 space, judging by mass allowances (high sec, class 1, 2, 3, and 4 do not allow more than 1,000,000,000 kg per passage, i.e. no dreadnaught or higher). sources: Arek'Jaalan Project Compass, Arek'Jaalan Project Snapshot, Arek'Jaalan Project Atlas (which include previous. Not Another K162! Hello and welcome to a typical EVE Online blog on wormholes, much like many you may have seen. This blog intends to go that bit deeper and discuss the very heart of the tactics you will need in W-Space. An Introduction: I'm a 5 million SP pilot who's been put in charge of a wormhole. Yes, you got that right, 5 million SP. But I will prove it can be done and you can be swept.

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Pochven Wormhole Types and Mechanics. The following Wormhole types connect to and from Pochven C729, These are the primary holes leading to Pochven, they are considered a Reverse Static in that each system will always have an active C729 that leads to it, the K162 end will not appear in the Pochven system until someone has warped to the C729 side uncloaked, all C729's are found within 3. The wormhole end away from Pochven will always have Triglavians on it; the end in Pochven will have Drifters, Rogue Drones, with the K162 exit inside. The C729 side will spawn in a system that was within 3 jumps of the Pochven system when looking at the map from before Pochven was created. If the wormhole expires or is rolled, a new C729 will spawn in one of those systems, connecting to. WH rats (called Sleepers) are fundamentally different from K-space rats, requiring a paradigm shift in how players rat. In any given site, you can expect to see a plethora of EWAR including neuts, webs, and scrams Corporation: Wormhole Police Department | Alliance: THE Wormhole Police Department | Pilots: 5 | CEO: Amra Ni-Yesta || The WHPD is the Anoikis Police Department.* For an emergency please contact k162* If it is related to a stolen drone please contact B274* Please keep the road clean and use the highway H296 thank you.* If you complain about mass ship destruction and you want to report it, do.

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K162 side; Wormhole code; In solarsystem info pane's SIG tab you can merge Unknown System connections via dragging and dropping onto wormhole connections created by jumping them. Name wormholes. Clicking wormhole systems will show a Set Wormhole Name option in solarsystem menu. Routing . Wormhole connections can be used for plotting routes. Next Previous. Built with MkDocs using a theme. For K162 wormholes that lead to other j-space systems, you will only know that it leads to a C1/2/3 (unknown), C4/5(dangerous), C6 (deadly). Keep scanning until you have scanned down and marked all sites on Pathfinder. After this we will jump through the wormholes and start forming the chain. ¶ Wormhole chains and new wormholes. When you jump through a wormhole, Pathfinder will automatically. It's the casual wormhole PVE experience, as opposed to the Lazerhawks/HK method of having members farm with alts in other wormholes and simply funnel ISK to their mains to get the needed ships. This, in my opinion, is what you can expect most newer wormhole groups to do for money. Most new members to W-space don't have the necessary alts to keep up with wormhole space. Members need to work. The exit of a wormhole is always marked by the identifier K162 and won't be helpful. For this example I shall use the B274 class of wormhole, because the request for information came from a capsuleer who mentioned two static wormholes, so I am assuming they live in a class 2 w-space system and perhaps have a link to high-sec empire space. There are resources available that will let you know.

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Wormhole Woes Posted: 2009-09-24 | Author: Blake | Filed under: wormhole | Tags: c3, c4, c5, gank, lowsec, podded, wormhole | 1 Comment. The past two days in WH space has not been exciting at all. We have lost ships, my main WH partner is stuck in Empire, a corpmate has lost ships, and I have had to learn how to scan down signatures with my less than perfect scanning skills. Tuesday 13:51 Eve. Nothing on dscan, but I can't see the K162 home on dscan either. Warp to the K162. Oh bless it. Bubbles. Pretty, bubbles. Deadly bubbles. Pray, I have a bit in ECM midslot modules; hit them and hope. Align to 'anything'; afterburners on where fitted. I have a few Iterons caught in a bubble, 50k from a wormhole. I am up against a T3 and 4 T2 ships. Pop. followed by more Pop. Well done to. Wormholes are a type Cosmic Signature that can be found by probing for them with scan probes.These lead to other systems, either in Known Space (New Eden Cluster), sometimes refered to as K-space or Wormhole Space sometimes refered to as W-space. This category lists articles providing bits of knowledge connected wormholes Database: Invasion 2 (2019-11-26) User: Register | Login Register | Logi Eve wiki is an awesome site and it has loads of information that will help you. These effects do not affect the sleeper NPCs in the system only player ships. K162. K162 is a number on a wormhole you will see a lot in fact every wormhole has a K162 side. This is the exit point of a wormhole not the type. if you find a K162 it means the wormhole was opened from the other side of it and that. While any wormhole out there can have a K162 to what you're looking for, you're likely to find some nullsec directs, random C3 with a K346 other than you, and lots more. If you're feeling truly hardcore and have a group of people who can spare alts or are looking for new grounds

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